Monday, December 31, 2012


Years of successfully avoiding getting my own blog, and then this happens. Oops.

Well now that it exists, I suppose I should say a little something about why it exists. I tend to work on a lot of projects outside of my real job*, and would like a place to publish what happens. Typically these projects involve some mixture of electronics, programming, and photography. I don't intend on writing up full tutorials on how to do these things, mostly because it would take up too much of my time. Instead, I plan on documenting a few things for each project; the motivation, build details, results, and insights gained. Some of these projects of mine go back a few years, so the posts might not be in chronological order. I also will be learning this whole blog thing as I go, so posts may get a few post-publishing edits before they make sense.

* I'm a graduate student in astrophysics, so I'm using the term "real job" very loosely.


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